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Sarasota Lawn & Tree Care

GreenEdge has over 25 years of experience in landscape design, landscape maintenance, arborist and tree services, problem diagnosis, water features, irrigation, stormwater management, and hardscape design, pest control, and more for homes and businesses in southwest Florida.

Led by ISA certified arborist Grant Beatt, Green Tech Offers the following services:

  • We evaluate, diagnose, and plan for resilient Landscape Design & maintenance solutions for South West Florida homes and businesses.
  • Renovate existing landscape elements including water features, irrigation, hardscape, plants, and large trees on-site to create beautiful aesthetic designs that will be more resilient and easier to maintain for our clients.
  • Advising our clients on their plant palette – selection of grasses, shrubs, ornamentals, trees, and palms – that will be successful at their location.
  • GreenTech also can design and build even large hardscape, water features, and irrigation systems, including pools and patios.
  • We diagnose persistent tree and plant health issues, and test and diagnose problems with soil health and drainage.
  • Create beautiful landscape solutions using plants and trees that are optimized for life in southwest Florida which are low impact, low maintenance, and easy to care for.
  • Design and landscapes elements to minimize the impact of storms and hurricanes.

Tree & Palm Health Experts

In addition to our landscape design and maintenance services, GreenEdge Tree specializes in tree and palm heath. Grant Beatt is a certified ISA arborist with decades of experience diagnosing large tree and palm issues, providing effective plant health care solutions that restore large shade and palm trees to health.

Our Certified Arborist Services Include:

  • Emergency tree care in case of problems that require speed, attention, and care.
  • Diagnosing long-term tree and palm health problems
  • Regular tree maintenance including but not limited to trimming and pruning, pest control, fertilization, irrigation, mulching and more.
  • When planting our arborists precisely measure and go over site soil quality, water quality, and a variety of factors before planting.
  • Removing unwanted large trees or large branches, including invasive trees such as Australian pine and Brazilian Pepper.
  • Pruning back invasive roots that threaten structures.
  • Recovering from hurricane and storm damage
  • All things considered, our job as ISA certified arborists is to provide the client with peace of mind that only professionals can provide.

There are many issues in coastal southwest Florida that can open the door for a host of persistent landscape problems from pests to mold to yellowing unhealthy plants and trees.

Below is a list of common problems in southwest Florida that GreenEdge resolves for our clients:

  • palm fronds turning yellow
  • palm fronds frizzled
  • palmeto weavel infestation
  • skeletonizer
  • whitefly
  • thrip
  • mites
  • persistant
  • white grubs
  • mole crickets
  • cinch bug
  • non beneficial nematodes
  • invasive exotic plants species
  • poor shrub health
  • stunted growth
  • yellowing pine trees
  • poor heath palms
  • low oxygen content soil
  • lack of pollinators
  • invasive roots
  • intruding roots
  • poor well water
  • hi-bicarbonate reclaimed irrigation water
  • poorly designed landscapes
  • wrong plant wrong place
  • saltwater intrusion
  • yellowing turf
  • fire ants
  • aphid scale
  • compromised root flair
  • included bark
  • irrigation coverage
  • standing water