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Arborjet Tree InjectionsGreenEdge promotes and uses tree injection technology from Arborjet. With the use of Arborjet technology we are able to provide a safer treatment alternative to spraying or soil drenching. Unlike foliar spraying or soil drenching, Arborjet’s closed system injects directly into the tree/pal, utilizing the least amount possible tree pesticide with the greatest amount of control. Pesticide applications can be scheduled without being adversely impacted by the weather.

Arborjet has proven to be a valuable tool in our ability to provide state-of-the-art Plant Health Care technology to the greater Sarasota area.

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Protect your Palms And Trees with Arborjet® Tree Injections

Arborjet® Trunk Injection Is More Effective Than Traditional Fertilizers & Pest Control

Arborjet is a highly targeted delivery system for quickly and effectively treating trees and formulas are injected directly into the vascular system of the tree where it is transported into the entire plant. More than a delivery system, Arborjet has developed a wide variety of formulas for every need and tree or palm. Scientifically tested the Arborjet application system is the most effective system for Florida homeowners to protect and fertilize their palms and shade trees. The entire plant benefits from the latest technology of advanced nutrition that enhances the beauty and health of the tree. Pests can’t hide from the advanced delivery of pest control and nutrition, as the pest control product will be distributed within the tree from roots to leaves. Arborjet offers a range of nutritional products that a trained professional can inject into the trunk of the tree, promoting optimal nutrition to the entire plant. Studies have shown that this method of application is far more effective alternative to spraying or soil-applied pesticides for tree insect or pest control. Research shows Arborjet’s systems and formulations are proven to give the best results when protecting trees from pests and managing the health needs of the entire tree.

Arborjet® Tree Injections are a Better Value to the Florida Homeowner

Arborjet® tree injections are a better value to the Florida homeowner because the tree injections are highly targeted, and longer-lasting than traditional methods such as drenching.

Because Arborjet® are highly targeted they do not waste any product. Traditional applications involve scattering fertilizer pellets or stakes around the tree, and drenching the root base with pest control chemicals. Much of this product may eventually run-off into the soil and be wasted as well as potentially harmful. With Arborjet® there is now wasted product or harmful runoff.

Arborjet® Tree Injections are Long Lasting

Arborjet® injections are longer lasting than traditional fertilizers, spraying or soil-applied pesticides. Because the tree absorbs the solution directly into its vascular system the solution will not be washed away but will last for months between treatments. Did you know that some of the biggest cities in the country are using the Arborjet trunk injection system to treat their most valuable trees? Cities including Chicago and Milwaukee are using Arborjet’s trunk injection with its two years of protection, to keep over 115,000 of their boulevard trees healthy.

Arborjet® Is Better Plant Nutrition

In addition to pest control, Arborjet® tree injections provide advanced nutrition and fertilizers for palms and trees. Arborjet Injects essential vitamins into your trees which speed recovery faster than any other method. This plug-in method is quick and effective with fast results which is a proven fit for the Florida homeowner who wants beautiful landscaping.

Tree injections are Better for the environment

Unlike chemicals or sprays, Arborjet® system injects directly into the tree, limiting the impact to your family, the applicator, and the environment around you. Unlike other treatments, the solution is applied directly into the tree and far fewer chemicals are released into the environment. Traditional solutions such as chemical sprays or saturating the soil with chemicals impact the environment in harmful ways and should be avoided.

Tree Injections Protect the Tree From Disease

Arbor Jet is constantly improving their products, and they have their own fully staffed laboratory and field research team dedicated to the discovery and development of the most effective equipment and formulations to protect your trees from disease. Palms, citrus, and other Florida trees are vulnerable to the spreading of diseases such as lethal bronzing, citrus greening, and many more. To protect your investment and enhance your trees you want the most scientifically proven formulas that will go directly inside the plant. You want the Arborjet tree injection system.

GreenEdge is Sarasota’s premier provider of Arborjet® trunk injections. Because Arborjet® requires small application holes in the target tree only a trained and skilled company should be trusted. Contact GreenEdge today for your free estimate.

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