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Arborjet Tree Injections By GreenTech Will Prevent & Treat
Major Threats In Sarasota To Your Palms & Trees Including:

Arborjet Tree Injections Are Expertly Applied By The Certified Arborists At GreenEdge.

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Benefits Of Arborjet Tree Injections

More Effective

Trunk injections deliver effective solutions directly into the vascular system tree, where it is transported throughout the entire plant.
Event pests that hide under leaves and burrow inside the trunk and branches are eliminated far more effectively than sprays.

Longer Lasting

Because the tree has directly taken in the solution into it’s vascular system, the treatment will not be washed away in the next rain storm and can last months between treatments.

Better For The Environment

Unlike other treatments such as chemical sprays, or saturating the soil with chemicals, tree injections are highly targeted and use a minimal amount of solution for maximum benefit. The result is far less chemicals released and such lower impact on the environment

Better Value

Because Arborjet tree injections are highly targeted, longer lasting, and have much less impact on the environment that traditional starts and chemicals, and requires fewer applications it is a much better value.

Better Plant Nutrition

In addition to pest control, Arborjet tree injections are also provide advanced nutrition and fertilizers for your palms and trees. Injecting essential vitamins and fertilizers into the tree can help ailing palms return to health fast.

Inoculate For Diseases

Palms, citrus and other Florida trees are vulnerable to spreading tree diseases such as lethal bronzing, citrus greening, and many more. Tree injections allow your arborist to inoculate your palms and trees protecting them from harm.

Arborjet Tree Injections Are Expertly Applied By The Certified Arborists At GreenEdge

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Date Palm Killed By Palmetto Weevil Infestation In Florida

Even large, established palm trees decades old are extremely vulnerable to the invasive pests that are moving through southwest Florida including the Sarasota area.

Palm Weevils, Red Scale, lethal bronzing and other problems can quickly destroy all the palms in a property if untreated. Lethal bronzing does have not cure, but can be protected against by quarterly inoculations with Arborjet tree injections.

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Learn More About Arborjet And Tree Problems

What Are ArborJet Tree Injections?

Tree Care is based on Species and Range of Symptoms

Whilst dealing with palm tree diseases most palms do with a wide application mixture however it isn’t true for all palms and if symptoms arise that could be due to a number of things. From pests to an overabundance of one mineral or a deficiency of another. It’s critical to be both careful and thorough with palm tree care.

A Different Angle is Sometimes required

Specific types of palm trees not only require unique fertilizers but also specific treatments depending on which type of nutrient deficiency or disease is faced. For example, two common palm tree deficiencies are lack of both potassium and or magnesium. Potassium deficiency and others like it require careful and thorough consideration whilst implementing palm tree health care solutions.

Why Trained Assistance is Necessary

It’s important to prevent desperate property owners from getting the wrong impression and taking matters into their own hands. For example, if a palm is rapidly dying it’s essential to prevent improper chemical mixtures from being used which will Hurt the tree more than it will help.

Other Useful Palm Care Tips

It’s sometimes useful to take note of the seasons and weather which can act as a “bellwether” for possible causes of tree impairment. In times of too much rain, boron leaching happens to lead to a lack of boron and boron deficiency. Boron deficiency can also be caused by very dry soil. Environmental changes through the stages of life are a big deal as palms transplanted from containers are likely to experience a lack of nitrogen, others it’s completely uncommon.

The Importance of Preventing Pest Infestation

If a palm tree has multiple pests that are chewing away at it and making it sick, a multi-step approach is necessary to help with the situation. Not only do they eat away at the nutrients but also the repair and immune functions that they need the most common destroyer of Sarasota palms are palm weevils which eat away at the palms and can eventually kill them.

Palm Tree infestations require Arbor-Jet Tree injections which eliminate pests. Canary Island Date and Bismarck’s palms are susceptible to Palm Weevils and need injections to protect them from Palm Weevils.

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Thank you for stopping by our website. This page is only a general overview when it comes to explaining palm tree nutrition and care. The best thing to do in the event of an unexpected situation is to have our team inspect your trees.

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