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Best Non-Native Trees for Sarasota/Manatee Market 13/10/2022 Grant Beatt

Best Non-Native Trees for Sarasota/Manatee Market

Trees are a great addition to any home. They provide shade and beauty and can improve the value of your property. In Sarasota, Florida, you’ll find lots of gorgeous trees. But some trees are better at growing here than others. Knowing which non-native tree species will thrive in your area can help you create a […]

How To Get Rid of Moles 24/06/2022 Grant Beatt

How To Get Rid of Moles

Moles are small, furry mammals that spend most of their lives underground. They eat insects and worms but also cause problems in gardens and yards. Moles live in tunnels, digging at about one foot per minute. They also push up mounds of dirt. Moles often leave these mounds above ground, making them easy to spot.An […]

Gardening with Seasonal Color in Florida 08/10/2019 Grant Beatt

Gardening with Seasonal Color in Florida

Seasonal color, especially in the fall, comes in a wide variety of flower colors and plant forms. Seasonal color will brighten your landscape bed areas and add a splash of color to high focal point areas. Selection and use: In Southwest Florida, seasonal color lasts from October until May. Cool-season color is intolerant to heat, […]

Plant Health Care 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Plant Health Care

PHC is a process of scheduled preventative maintenance based on monitoring and use of cultural, organic and chemical tactics, to enhance tree, palm, turf and woody ornamental vitality. The plant and its requirements become the central focus, rather than responding to symptoms caused by pest presence, physical agents, or nutritional deficiencies. GreenEdge addresses the basic […]

Irrigation & Fertilization Maintenance Program 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Irrigation & Fertilization Maintenance Program

One of the most critical elements to maintaining your landscape involves a properly functioning irrigation system and a fertilization program that meets the nutrient requirements of your landscape plants. How lawns and landscapes are fertilized and irrigated can have a direct impact on the natural environment. The basic maintenance of lawns will be depended upon […]

Top Dressing With Compost Is A More Sustainable And Affordable Alternative 07/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Top Dressing With Compost Is A More Sustainable And Affordable Alternative

Top dressing with compost is meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Top dressing with compost is a responsible process that will not deplete our resources or harm natural cycles. What is compost? It is the end result of controlled aerobic decomposition of organic […]

Landscaping For Pollinators 06/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Landscaping For Pollinators

Attract and Provide for Pollinators with Your Landscape We will design your landscape to attract and support a wide variety of important Florida native pollinators. It is important that you attract bees, butterflies and moths to your landscape. Pollinators like honeybees are declining but what is thought to be the increased use of pesticides and […]

Recommended Landscape Maintenance Before Hurricane Season Starts 06/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Recommended Landscape Maintenance Before Hurricane Season Starts

Regular tree and palm landscape maintenance throughout the year is recommended. This includes routine trimming and removal of dead limbs and limbs too close to the fence, house or a utility line. Hurricane Preparedness Kit: Garden hose in case your irrigation system is not working due to a power outage Pruning tools Ladder Tree stakes/rebar […]

Wildflowers for Pollinators 06/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Wildflowers for Pollinators

Many of Florida’s 2500 native species of wildflowers adapt well to residential and/or commercial landscapes and create natural habitat gardens for a wide range of wildlife such as animals, birds, bats and insects. As wondrous as wildflowers are, with all their different colors and flower shapes, the purpose goes much further than pleasing the observant […]


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