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Tree Planting Myth #1: Anybody can plant a tree correctly 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Tree Planting Myth #1: Anybody can plant a tree correctly

A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea. Myths tend to form to fill information gaps; and over time can even develop into an idea that seems to make common sense. Urban, utility and landscape tree care, collectively known as Arboriculture has its own set of myths, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and half-truths, which […]

Tree Planting Myth #2: Plant deep, and the roots will grow deeper 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Tree Planting Myth #2: Plant deep, and the roots will grow deeper

Reality: There is a high probability that the roots and tree will not survive long term at all! If the roots survive at all, they will grow upward, often breaking sidewalks, driveways and causing lawn problems. If a decision is made to cut these surface roots, this may causes the tree more injury. Instead, place […]

Tree Planting Myth #5: Lots of mulch is good 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Tree Planting Myth #5: Lots of mulch is good

Reality: Mulch is too thick when a tree root starts growing into it. The right amount of mulch is very beneficial for trees. Mulch helps a tree by keeping the soil moist, protecting soil from getting too hot, and as the mulch decomposes over time it will add organic matter, improving the soil quality. However […]

Citrus Tree Care 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Citrus Tree Care

Edible landscaping is becoming more important in our Florida landscapes. Citrus trees are both useful as ornamental trees and can provide an abundance of delicious fruit for the homeowner. Citrus requires regular maintenance in the landscape. Irrigation, fertilization, weed, pest and disease control are all important considerations when planning and implementing an edible land scape. […]

Irrigation & Fertilization Maintenance Program 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Irrigation & Fertilization Maintenance Program

One of the most critical elements to maintaining your landscape involves a properly functioning irrigation system and a fertilization program that meets the nutrient requirements of your landscape plants. How lawns and landscapes are fertilized and irrigated can have a direct impact on the natural environment. The basic maintenance of lawns will be depended upon […]

Tree Watering 101 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Tree Watering 101

How does excess water affect trees? Soil saturation occurs when water fills in the spaces between soil particles that are normally occupied by air. When this happens, oxygen is no longer available to tree roots for respiration. If this occurs frequently, roots will eventually suffocate and die. Wet soil can also create favorable conditions for […]

Palm Problems and Disorders 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Palm Problems and Disorders

Palm disorders are eliminated with proper palm selection and placement. However, if yours is like most homes in our area, one or more of the rules listed below have been skipped or are not available on the site. For instance, a palm that prefers dry conditions planted with flowers at the base so the roots […]


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