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Plant Health Care 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Plant Health Care

PHC is a process of scheduled preventative maintenance based on monitoring and use of cultural, organic and chemical tactics, to enhance tree, palm, turf and woody ornamental vitality. The plant and its requirements become the central focus, rather than responding to symptoms caused by pest presence, physical agents, or nutritional deficiencies. GreenEdge addresses the basic […]

Irrigation & Fertilization Maintenance Program 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Irrigation & Fertilization Maintenance Program

One of the most critical elements to maintaining your landscape involves a properly functioning irrigation system and a fertilization program that meets the nutrient requirements of your landscape plants. How lawns and landscapes are fertilized and irrigated can have a direct impact on the natural environment. The basic maintenance of lawns will be depended upon […]

Tree Watering 101 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Tree Watering 101

How does excess water affect trees? Soil saturation occurs when water fills in the spaces between soil particles that are normally occupied by air. When this happens, oxygen is no longer available to tree roots for respiration. If this occurs frequently, roots will eventually suffocate and die. Wet soil can also create favorable conditions for […]

Palm Problems and Disorders 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Palm Problems and Disorders

Palm disorders are eliminated with proper palm selection and placement. However, if yours is like most homes in our area, one or more of the rules listed below have been skipped or are not available on the site. For instance, a palm that prefers dry conditions planted with flowers at the base so the roots […]

Is Zoysia grass right for you? 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Is Zoysia grass right for you?

The desire to have a manicured lawn surrounding your home is a fairly recent development in U.S. history. It wasn’t until the late 1800s and early 1900s, when golf courses began popping up around the country, that the “golf course-like lawn” became a goal for many Americans. It’s no coincidence that, right around this time, […]

Ganoderma Palm Disease 29/04/2019 Grant Beatt

Ganoderma Palm Disease

It’s hard to picture a Florida landscape without imagining palm trees swaying in the breeze. These trees have become a favorite of landscape designers in the southern parts of the state, largely because of their durability and adaptability, but they’re not without natural enemies. Chief among them is the lethal and incurable Ganoderma Palm Disease […]

Composting As A Substitute For Synthetic Chemicals 07/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Composting As A Substitute For Synthetic Chemicals

A homeowner has many options when it comes to providing a healthy environment for plants. While numerous types of fertilizers can be an effective way to quickly amend soil to grow healthy plants, they contain synthetic chemicals. Compost, on the other hand, is an organic alternative to fertilizers, and a homeowner has easy access to […]

Stop Rugose Spiraling Whitefly With Arborjet Tree Injections 07/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Stop Rugose Spiraling Whitefly With Arborjet Tree Injections

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly is an invasive insect that spread rapidly through the Sarasota area several years ago. Like other Whiteflies, Spiraling Whitefly will harm the appearance and health of palm trees, and other tropical trees and shrubs and even some shade trees. Plants that suffer from the Rugose spiraling whitefly include all types of palm […]

Top Dressing With Compost Is A More Sustainable And Affordable Alternative 07/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Top Dressing With Compost Is A More Sustainable And Affordable Alternative

Top dressing with compost is meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Top dressing with compost is a responsible process that will not deplete our resources or harm natural cycles. What is compost? It is the end result of controlled aerobic decomposition of organic […]


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