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Landscaping For Pollinators 06/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Landscaping For Pollinators

Attract and Provide for Pollinators with Your Landscape We will design your landscape to attract and support a wide variety of important Florida native pollinators. It is important that you attract bees, butterflies and moths to your landscape. Pollinators like honeybees are declining but what is thought to be the increased use of pesticides and […]

Wildflowers for Pollinators 06/03/2019 Grant Beatt

Wildflowers for Pollinators

Many of Florida’s 2500 native species of wildflowers adapt well to residential and/or commercial landscapes and create natural habitat gardens for a wide range of wildlife such as animals, birds, bats and insects. As wondrous as wildflowers are, with all their different colors and flower shapes, the purpose goes much further than pleasing the observant […]


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