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If you need expert lawn maintenance, plant health care, and landscaping in the Sarasota Florida area, and want the job done correctly the first time, contact GreenEdge today. Whether you need landscaping for your residence, your HOA, or your business GreenEdge can help. GreenEdge is the Sarasota area’s premier provider of plant health care and landscape pest control for your lawn, palm trees, citrus trees, shade trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. We offer state-of-the-art pest control and plant nutrition with Arborjet trunk injections by certified arborists. Call today for a free estimate for your landscape pest control and plant health needs or schedule a consultation with one of our certified professionals online with the form above.

lawn maintenance, plant health care, and landscaping in the Sarasota

We work to restore the most degraded lawns to lush and thriving carpets of green magnificence. Say goodbye to brown spots, weeds, yard pests such as mole cricket, grubs fungus, weeds and fire ants. Greenedge restores lawns & turf to beautiful green carpets using highly effective and long-lasting organic treatments.

We are fertilizing experts in your area specializing in expert plant nutrition for turf, shrubs, trees and edible ornamental fruit trees, and many other specialized Florida trees and landscaping plants. When your lawn gets the correct fertilizer treatment the results are amazing. Proper fertilizer will stabilize the soil, develop a healthy ecosystem, absorb non-point pollutants, and may need less use of chemicals from weeds or insects. Fertilizing is important to the long-term health of your lawn but specifically coupled with other strategies we implement, GreenEdge will guarantee that you will get more than just an application of fertilizer but a long-term strategy to keep your yard lush, healthy, and green for years to come.

We provide expert palm tree diagnosis tailored for every circumstance for your palm tree care. We identify and treat palm trees in Sarasota, Florida from infestations and our Green Edge Palm Care is provided by a certified arborist. We treat palm trees that are not fertilized properly by providing analysis of the care needed. We utilize a scientific approach to palm care and tree diseases as well as pest infestation. Arborjet tree injections help to eliminate pests and protect palm trees from devastation.

We provide advanced pest control, irrigation, nutrition, and injection programs that are scientifically proven to improve the health of citrus trees in a convenient and cost-effective manner. We start with an analysis of your citrus and other ornamental trees and bring them back to full health. Citrus trees are vulnerable to cold weather, diseases, and many types of nutritional deficiencies. Greenedge can provide a program that works for your citrus trees as well as other services including; shade tree care, palm tree care, tree trunk injections, citrus tree care, pest and disease control, tree rooting and planting, tree removal, mangrove pruning, stump removal, large tree installation and consulting for all your landscaping needs.

Do not wait to have a professional horticulturist such as GreenEdge to provide your landscaping needs backed with certification in several areas such as certified Arborist, certified pest operator, registered landscape contractor, and certified Green Industries BMP’s. Green Edge is the right company to call.