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How Regular Tree Pruning Improves The Health And Growth Of Shade Trees

Shade trees in forests usually have straight and tall trunks. As they grow, they tend to compete with other trees for sunlight. They also have the freedom to spread out and stretch their branches.

The case is different in a Southwest Florida property landscape. Since there is less competition and an abundance of sunlight, trees may end up developing a number of competing trunks. When this happens, the structure of a tree may end up weak and prone to breakage. Its longevity and resiliency are reduced due to various weather conditions. Additionally, you will have to consider other factors like safety risks and land area. To keep shade trees in good condition, you should do regular pruning.

How Is Tree Pruning Correctly Done?

The idea is to remove selected branches from a tree to help improve its structure and form while promoting healthy growth. When it comes to shade trees, regular pruning may also help in maintaining their shape. However, you have to make sure that it is done properly.

If you don’t have a regular pruning program or if you prune your trees the wrong way, this may lead to any of the following issues:

• Unwanted development of low limbs
• Formation of co-dominant stems
• Structural defects such as dead branches and included bark
• View obstruction
• Property damage from breaking or falling branches
• Accidents

Common Types

The method of trimming to be used depends on your goals.

• If you want to remove limbs all the way to the branch of origin, the tree care expert may use the thinning method.

• If you only want simple cuts to remove diseased, damaged, or dead limbs, the arborist may do a cleaning.

• To shorten branches or reduce the height and width of a tree, reduction may be necessary.

• If your goal is to improve the structure of the tree and ensure its long-term health, you can expect subordination cuts that may include one or more of the other three methods.

Improvement Of Health and Growth

As stated earlier, pruning regularly has a lot of advantages. It can enhance the overall look of a shade tree. What’s more, it can protect you, your family, your home, and your property from accidents.

Regular pruning makes shaded trees healthier. If your tree has infested or dying branches, you will need to prevent them from infecting other parts. A certified arborist can inspect the plant properly and determine which of its limbs has to be removed. In turn, this prevents insects, pests, and other organisms from causing more damage and saving the life of the tree. It can also increase sun exposure and promote better air circulation.

Pruning can help control the growth of shade trees. Your tree has to serve its purpose without harming the area around it, so you have to keep its growth in check. Pruning can help with that. A tree company can also suppress unwanted growth, if necessary. Additionally, younger trees can be shaped with regular pruning. This way, they can have good branch structures and compensate for possible root loss.

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