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Landscaping For Pollinators

Attract and Provide for Pollinators with Your Landscape

We will design your landscape to attract and support a wide variety of important Florida native pollinators. It is important that you attract bees, butterflies and moths to your landscape. Pollinators like honeybees are declining but what is thought to be the increased use of pesticides and loss of habitat. You can help pollinators thrive by planting with them in mind. There are a number of Florida-friendly plants, both native and non-native, that will attract pollinators to your yard. Choosing the right plant is always an important factor; and whenever possible, go native and drought-resistant. A varied selection of plants in your garden will attract all kinds of beneficial and non-beneficial organisms. Over time, an equilibrium will be reached whereby the beneficial insects, carnivorous mites, carnivorous nematodes and other beneficial organisms will control the non-beneficial organisms. Great gardens start with great soil! Building a healthy landscape soil with aerobically produced compost helps to reduce weeds through competition, improves water holding capacity by nearly 50% and provide slow-release nutrients to your plants. GreenEdge is actively promoting and developing eco-friendly, organic lawn care practices and programs. Our sister company GreenEdge Technologies, Inc., a landscape fertilization and pest control company has an organic program and a hybridized program in place. It is important that your landscape soil is not depleted of organic material. Organic material feeds the soil, which in turn provides a consistent and sustainable food source for your landscape.

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