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Supporting Turf Needs and Protecting From Landscape Pests

Special efforts must be made carefully for healthy plants and grass. When it comes to lawn care it’s essential to allow for 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. In addition, proper irrigation and regular fertilizer use are needed to keep plants nutritionally healthy at all times. Without proper pest control, fertilizer, or watering; lawn growth will never be satisfied and will suffer from acute stress or even death.

Four Pronged Approach to Lawn Care

We begin every lawn care service plan by identifying what needs to be done. That’s why we survey the area and determine the best course of action. Even more crucially this step is required for knowing how much water, fertilizer, herbicide, and other lawn care products are required for full coverage.

Stage 1 – Lawn Insect and Pest Control

In addition to fertilizer; pest control is also necessary for proper lawn care however it can be easy to misuse it such that it actually does more harm than good. That’s why we always analyze the situation and determine which method is needed for the job. Most importantly however our goal involving pest control is the drastic reduction of pests possible and aim for control and eventual eradication. Frequent lawn bugs we strive to eradicate are Chinch Bugs, Grub Worms, Sod Web Worms, and Mole Crickets. In specific cases, however, we do use chemical pesticides but our team makes it so its impact is minimized.

Stage 2 - Fungus, Disease & Harmful Microorganism Control

When it comes to Lawn Care In Sarasota Florida, our hot and humid climate actively encourages fungal growth which is a major problem. That’s why GreenEdge has an adaptive and powerful fungal control plan that is designed to stop and kill any kind of fungal infection. Similar to our other pest control and environmentally conscious services we only use environmentally friendly chemicals which are proven to be extremely effective against any sort of fungal infection. We kill brown spots, rust fungus, dollar spots, grey leaf spots, fairy rings, and much more.

Stage 3 - Weed & Invasive Plant Control

Thanks to Sarasota Florida’s humid air, and very wet summers, and very dry winters lawns can be stressed from drought, or too much water all year. This gives weeds a chance to grow and unwanted weeds can be a major problem. That’s why GreenEdge uses a comprehensive and environmentally friendly weed control plan, we use herbicides that are Florida friendly and only designed to kill a specific kind of weed so no unnecessary collateral damage is done to the rest of the lawn. Our herbicide plan will kill or greatly reduce in number the following weeds: Dove Weed, Dandelion, Dollar Weeds, Clover, Broad Leafs, Bull Thistle, Button Weeds, and much more. The team will work to ensure that only weeds are impacted if any chemicals are used.

Stage 4 - Turf Nutrition and Fertilizing Lawn

Our Philosophy for fertilizer is clear: An environmentally conscious approach, customized plan, and holistic practices. Why go through the trouble of adopting such ideals? GreenEdge believes in a scientific and knowledge-based approach that maximizes fertilizer effectiveness while minimizing environmental damage. More crucially, when your lawn doesn’t have the nutrition it needs it becomes weakened, and susceptible to attack from weeds, pests, and fungus lawn care. That’s why Green Edge only uses the best environmentally friendly fertilizer for our lawn care service.

Thank you for visiting our website, and don’t forget to check out our additional lawn care and plant health care services for Palms, Trees, Citrus, Shrubs, and Arborjet Trunk Injections. Our mission is the care of lawns, plants, and trees with an emphasis on environmentally friendly options. Our goal is to create a beautiful and safe community across Florida for all to share and admire.

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