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Sarasota Lawn & Tree Care

Did you know GreenEdge provides arborist, lawn care, and landscape services to homeowners associations and condominiums?

We can both create or maintain a healthy beautiful landscape that will add value to the homes and quality of life of residents.

GreenEdge can ensure that the community landscape stays beautiful and thriving all year round and make the needed adjustments to the maintenance programs in times of water restrictions.

GreenEdge can plan landscape and tree selections and planting for new and established communities, taking into account the latest codes for water use, irrigation, and stormwater management.

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GreenEdge can create and maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape that will add value to homes and quality of life for residents in Florida deed-restricted communities and new, or established communities. HOA landscaping plays a critical role in improving curb appeal and has a direct impact on the property values in the area. You need a landscape design and maintenance company with experience working with HOAs and communities. Call GreenEdge for your community’s needs in your area.

Homeowners association landscaping is important to community associations of any size. A greener community enhances the overall beauty of the landscape and attracts new homeowners. Additionally, a consistently decorated and lush neighborhood also improves curb appeal, thereby protecting the investments of all the homeowners in a neighborhood community.

GreenEdge can ensure that the community you live in is maintained in a beautiful and cost-effective manner all year round with regards to the needs and maintenance programs as well as laws and restrictions in your community.

GreenEdge can plan landscaping and tree selections for new and established communities in Florida taking into account codes for water use, Irrigation, and storm management. Call a certified Arborists at GreenEdge for a consultation for your community association today to learn more about our services.

HOA yard maintenance rules can vary from community to community. Let GreenEdge manage the rules and guidelines for maintenance of your landscaping to enrich your Florida area community. The community board guidelines are important to follow and enrich the look of the community.

Let us answer questions you may have on guidelines for your landscaping needs:

  • How high can shrubs and bushes be.
  • What types of trees, shrubs and flowers can you plant.
  • What color of flowers or mulch can you use.
  • How often must you mow the lawn, mulch the beds, water the lawn, and spray pesticides if necessary.
  • What garden ornaments can be displayed.
  • How high must your fence be ( if a fence is permitted in your community).

To avoid disputes and violations of community ordinances it is important to hire the correct landscaping company for your community association. If new rules or changes to existing ones occur, you must disseminate the information promptly. Let a professional company do this work for you.

Many homeowners feel that HOA lawn maintenance and landscaping rules are too restrictive. While this may be so, it is important to follow their rules and procedures. In order for the properties to command a high price, uniformity and consistency is key to the pleasing appearance they command and that usually takes a dedicated team of experts on the job working for your community.