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Tree and Shrub Pruning For Southwest Florida Landscape

Sarasota Tree Pruning Service Trees and shrubbery are essential features of any landscape. However, they require pruning and trimming to stay healthy and look attractive. Pruning and trimming can also help protect your property from damage from falling limbs during storm and hurricane season. GreenTech optimizes the growth, health, and appearance of all the trees and shrubs with our comprehensive pruning and trimming services. Furthermore, every species of tree and shrub requires a different pruning and trimming approach to really stay healthy. Our team of certified arborists know the species in Southwest Florida and exactly how to care for them

Pruning Trees Is Essential For Health

Pruning is associated with cutting trees and shrubs whose health and growth is improved when the dead, broken and infected branches are removed. Pruning is usually done with hand shears that cut up to ¾ inch branches, lopping shears that have a longer handle and can cut through branches as thick as 1 and 3/4 inches. If thicker branches need to be removed, your landscape professional will use a pruning saw. Pruning when done correctly also will remove potential safety hazards due to falling branches. It can also add to your yard’s aesthetic, depending on if you want to control the sizes and shapes of your trees and shrubs.

Why Trees And Shrubs Should Be Pruned Regularly

Regular pruning and trimming are not just to have an attractive landscape. There are several reasons why your trees and shrubs should be trimmed regularly:

1. Increases Life of Tree: When you routinely prune your trees and shrubs they will live longer. A professional landscaper can also prune your trees in a way that will also increase their ability to withstand winds from tropical storms.
2. Improves The Health of the Tree: Limbs or branches that are diseased or pest-infested need to be removed to prevent the spread to healthy branches. Proper pruning can solve problems such as lack of sunlight or preventing other plants from growing.
3. Increases Rate of Growth: Pruning, by nature promotes new growth, but it can also be used to cut back fast-growing shoots and suckers to control their growth.
4. Pruned Trees Have Fewer Pests: When your lawn has overgrown shrubs and trees, it not only looks unkempt and unsightly, it can also lead to pests that can end up in your home.

Pruning trees is essential for their health, but what about the appearance of the trees? That’s where trimming comes in.

Trimming Trees Brings An Attractive Look

Trimming is the term that refers to cutting trees, shrubs, and hedges for design purposes. In addition to being an attractive, clean look, trimming will also remove dense trees which will block sunlight and moisture from reaching the rest of your landscape. Trimming is usually done with manual, gas-powered or electric trimmers. Topiary, which is the art of trimming shrubs or hedges into ornamental designs rather than their natural structure is also a form of artistic trimming.

Pruning Palm Trees

Here in Southwest Florida we are blessed with many different species of palm trees. But what many people don’t realize is that it also requires maintenance and is not pruned like regular trees. So you may be wondering why a palm tree, especially a coconut palm needs to be pruned. There are several reasons, mostly involving safety:

● Dead and dying fronds and loose petioles can place people and property at risk if they fall from the tree.
● Pruning removes fruit clusters and falling fruit and flower debris is not only messy but can be hazardous.
● Removing dead and dying lower fronds give your palm an attractive and tidy appearance.

In most cases, the best time to prune a tree is during the dormant season. However, with palms pruning is not limited to a certain season. The best time to prune a palm tree is when the fronds are brown or the fruit is falling. Last but not least, any certified arborist will tell you that pruning or cutting back a palm tree will not make it grow faster and indeed if you cut the palm top, you will kill it.

There are so many hazards and difficulties associated with pruning and trimming that hiring GreenTech Tree & Landscape’s certified arborists will not only save you money in the long run, but will ensure that it is done correctly not just for your view but for your safety. Keep in mind that if you cut a branch that falls on your roof causing damage to your home, the time and money it will cost you will be more than the convenience of hiring a professional team like GreenTech.

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