GreenEdge provides a wide range of consulting services for everyone from homeowners needing input on their landscaping plans to property owners and developers managing hundreds of acres and multiple units.

GreenEdge can provide reports that include recommended actions and the related estimates, We can also act as neutral observer or provide “second-opinions” regarding other assessments or projects.

We offer two basic service-packages, Informational Site Visits and Formal Site Consultations with Written-Reports that meet the needs of most projects. For all other projects, please give us a call and inform us about your needs and we will provide an estimate based on our hourly rate.


Informational Site Visit:

An Informational Site Visit with our Certified Arborists provides homeowners and property managers with the information needed to make informed decisions about Tree Care, as well as the health and vitality of their entire landscape. During an Informational Site Visit, property owners create their own documentation and notes as needed to fulfil their landscaping and tree care plans.

Perfect for homeowners and property managers who need information and guidance regarding landscaping plans, tree health, plant & shrub selection, or tree hazard analysis. An Informational Site Visit is an inexpensive alternative to our Formal Site Consultations that do include a written report. Site visits generally provide ample time to discuss one or many aspects of your landscape and tree health.


Formal Site Consultation with Written Report:

Written reports and documentation by a Certified Arborist are often necessary for construction projects and other formal site planning and evaluations. A Formal Site Consultation with Written Report includes the documentation that is required to support building permits, tree removal permits, and homeowner’s claims. GreenEdge provides greater Sarasota area developers, homeowners, property managers, and government agencies with trusted and accurate documentation, including:

• tree protection plans
• holistic landscape health evaluations
• tree canopy surveys, tree map reports
• tree appraisals and evaluations


Benefits of Certified Arborist Site Consultations


Tree & Plant Identification

Because many aspects of tree and plant care are species-specific, it is important to identify the genus, and even the species and cultivar of the tree or plant. Accurate identification helps determine proper pruning regimes and other ‘cultural’ aspects such as water needs, soil tolerance, common pests, and sun or shade exposure.


Tree Selection:

With an onsite evaluation we can recommend an appropriate tree for mitigation purposes or for an addition to your landscape. We believe in the power of “The Right Tree in The Right Place”, correct spacing, and appropriate drainage.

Tree & Plant Health / Disease & Decay Diagnosis:

Diseased trees, palms and plants can exhibit symptoms like chlorotic foliage, dripping from leaves, early needle, frond or leaf drop, abnormal growth, sap flowing from bark, or maybe your tree or palm just looks bad. With a simple Informational Site Visit, many problems can be accurately diagnosed and a plan of action can be recommended.

If further information is warranted, leaf, root, tissue and soil samples can be collected and sent to a lab for a more thorough diagnosis. We will provide appropriate collection of samples and their delivery to the lab, and meet with you when a diagnosis is rendered, so that an accurate plan of action can begin.


Tree & Infrastructure Conflicts:

When tree roots encounter sidewalks, driveways and foundations, an on-site assessment can help determine a safe course of action and also provide any documentation that may be needed for tree or root-cutting permits.


Construction Planning & Protection:

For construction and property development projects, building and tree removal permits require an inventory of all trees 6-inch dbH and greater, mapping of tree locations, and a condition report. The tree map and inventory is then compared to site development plans and recommendations are made for tree retention and protection or tree removal. Recommendations are also made concerning tree pruning and hazard mitigation of retained trees. A protection plan is made outlining tree protection, fencing, and instructions for protecting tree from site development, building construction and landscape installation.


Tree Risk Assessment:

Assessing the risk a tree poses, either in general or to a ‘target’ structure, can be simple or extremely complex. During a tree risk assessment, we visually inspect the tree from the root zone to the crown. Defects are noted and a level of risk is assigned depending on the size of defect, probability of failure and presence of a target structure. If visual inspection leaves too much uncertainty, we can provide more advanced assessment techniques such as sounding with a mallet, using a probe or core sampler, or using a resistograph or sonic tomography.


Tree Risk Mitigation:

When a tree risk assessment yields a discernable risk, we can recommend actions that mitigate that risk. While the only way to completely eliminate a risk is to remove a tree, there is often a very workable plan of action that effectively mitigates risks to safety or property while preserving your tree. We pride ourselves in finding solutions that encourage life and vitality in your landscape. We can act as a neutral party, providing a report for mitigation measures or we can provide a written estimate for a risk mitigation plan based on our report.


Who Benefits from Certified Arborist Site Consultations & Reports?


People Seeking a Tree Removal Permit:

The City of Sarasota requires permits to remove street trees, mangrove trees, and private trees on all properties. It is necessary to provide the building department with a tree evaluation provided by a Certified Arborist in order to obtain such permits. These reports can include hazard assessments and any necessary mitigation measures.


Property Developers:

When properties are entered into development, municipalities require detailed tree inventories and plans detailing any tree removal and protection. In some cases they require mitigation plans that include replanting and specific protections for trees when the property is being re-landscaped.


Homeowners Associations & Planned Communities:

We provide a number of HOA and planned communities with tree surveys for common areas; these surveys include species identification, mapping, condition assessments, and prescribing specific actions. These surveys help communities manage street trees, woodland areas, and common spaces, and they allow the communities to budget for tree maintenance.



Much like a home inspector provides a detailed assessment of the elements of a house, a Certified Arborist provides a detailed assessment of the trees on the property. We provide realtors with useful and current information detailing tree health, hazards, and maintenance costs that help their clients understand what’s in store if they purchase the property.