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Many Sarasota homeowners take full advantage of our subtropical climate and choose to plant citrus trees and other types of edible tropical plants and fruit trees. However citrus trees and edible plants can be some of the most susceptible to insects, diseases and nutritional problems. Citrus plants will often be ravaged by a combination of problems leaving the trees with shriveled leaves and poor fruit production.

At GreenEdge our horticultural experts provide effective Citrus Health Care service and will ensure that your citrus plant harvest is bountiful, and the tree has lush beautiful deep green leaves.

Citrus Care Needs

Citrus Tree Diseases – As said before one of the biggest problems in Big Citrus is green spot disease but there’s also greasy spot, mealonse, and foot rot. Citrus greening is so serious because it’s incurable but the rest of them are. The best way to deal with citrus diseases is to first identify what it is then nip it in the bud thus making mass chemical spray unnecessary. But when it comes to citrus health care our science and horticulture based solutions are unmatched in how effectively they deal with citrus diseases.

Citrus Tree Pests – In addition to diseases which are often confused with pests. They are insects that infest plants and proliferate via a parasitic relationship the way we deal with these little critters is to first identify what it is that’s turning your oranges and lemons too much then deliver the killing blow before they over infest the citrus plant. The best pesticide treatments for citrus are of course organic this is because they are cleaner and more environmentally friendly such as neem oil and horticultural oil.

Irrigation – A huge concern for citrus plants is irrigation since citrus care is complex compared to simpler trees and shrubs it can be a nightmare knowing how much water should be used and when. That’s when a scientific and environmentally friendly approach to irrigation is needed we’ll set a citrus irrigation system that will conform to exactly what your citrus needs. Including the time of year, indoors or outdoors, health of tree, age of tree, water tolerance and much more. All of these factors will need to be taken into account when irrigating citrus plants. An important barometer of whenever or not your citrus plants are getting enough water is determining soil moisture. If the soil is moist the citrus is plenty satisfied but if it’s dry consider watering it more.

Lighting – Partial sun for 8 hours is generally agreed to be the best for citrus care. Artificial light should be supplied in case natural is insufficient.

Fertilizing – This is just as complex as Irrigating a citrus plant as they are not simply plants but are highly complex complicated organisms. Citrus plants require a huge amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in addition to Magnesium, Boron, Copper and Zinc. You should use specialized citrus fertilizer that conforms to a specific diet inorder to enhance citrus growth to produce vibrant leaves, branches and fruit. Advanced citrus formulas deliver impressive results.

Pruning – Pruning is not necessary but is sometimes helpful to cut back on growth in order to funnel light in. Well-Pruned trees generally grow better than ones that have not been pruned at all.

Citrus Tree Care Experts Sarasota FL

Interested in outstanding Sarasota citrus care? then contact GreenEdge via our website for a quote. Our company’s mission is to cultivate the conditions for beautiful landscapes as we specialize in environmentally friendly pest control, fertilizers, irrigation and our main mission is to help ensure results for our clients whilst protecting the environment. Our philosophy is designed to save on maintenance costs while ensuring bountiful harvests and greener pastures. With GreenEdge your citrus will thrive guaranteed. Our main approach when dealing with our client’s citrus is to focus on a holistic approach when it comes to proper nutrition and watering as a foundation of disease resistance no one should need to spray chemicals that hurt the environment and cost money. GreenEdge’s standards of service for Sarasota are of the utmost importance to us as our focus is on Horticulture rather than maintenance. Controlling potential diseases and pests with a science and nature based solution when it comes to citrus care is of vital importance.

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