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Sarasota Lawn & Tree Care

Are you a developer or real estate manager who wants to learn more about taking control of your landscape portfolio and getting more stable, predictable outcomes?

Professional Landscape Consulting Service

GreenEdge provides consulting Services For: Residential, Commercial, and Homeowners Associations

We take pride in our work and it shows in everything we do. You’ll love the results of our work because we are experts in our field. We see every new client as an opportunity to do our best work possible. We know your time is valuable to you. When you schedule a consultation with GreenEdge landscaping you are one step closer to the best landscaping you can receive in the Sarasota area.

Residential Consulting by GreenEdge

At GreenEdge we understand the importance of designing and maintaining a landscape around your home that adds to the value of both your home and your community. We use careful planning to achieve desired results for our clients that take into consideration their individual tastes concerning landscape design projects.

Commercial Consulting by GreenEdge

Commercial landscape design has the ability to welcome visitors, please clients and satisfy tenants and also create a pleasant environment that is attractive for employees. It helps portray your company in a more positive light. The landscaping surrounding your company is the image you present to the community every day. It helps people see your company as having a solid foundation in the community and a lasting influence and a better reputation against the competition. Your sign is usually clearly visible among a picturesque setting of gorgeous trees and greenery and sets your company apart from the rest. Since this is Florida most businesses want to take advantage of the most impressive look they can create at their commercial place of business. GreenEdge can create amazing commercial landscape designs that draw attention to your commercial building thus enhancing your reputation. They can also add to an existing design or enhance a situation that needs attention.

Homeowners Associations Consulting by GreenEdge

Greenedge will conduct an evaluation of your association’s lawn and landscaping needs using the most up-to-date techniques. Our work is backed by our qualified professionals who are licensed to perform this work in your area. We use valuable information and modern tested procedures to tackle any type of problem an association might be facing with regards to landscaping and design. GreenEdge can ensure that your community landscaping will stay beautiful and thriving all year round with state-of-the-art techniques used by their certified Arborist. Backed by years of experience and seeing examples of work that was done by GreenEdge through the years you will be sure that you have chosen the right professional team for the job.