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Like any organism on Earth, soil microbes need water to live but can’t be drown in it. Proper irrigation and drainage management is critical to keep soil microbes healthy and active.

Sarasota Lawn Care Irrigation

Monthly and quarterly irrigation checks and service ensure that problems associated with water logged soils are not mistaken for disease or another unrelated problem. For problem areas caused by downspouts or improper grading can be fixed with sub-surface drainage or recontouring the ground.

Irrigation timing using WiFi and phone apps is a new technology that can save enough water to pay for itself in the first year. We offer installation and management of these systems. You can monitor your water usage and adjust from anywhere in the world.

Each part of the Soil Food Web works in conjunction with the other. Coordination is key to the full expression of the benefits of going natural. Remember to think of water when planning your conversion from chemical lawn care to all natural.

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