At GreenEdge Pest Control and Lawn Care Services we preserve the natural environment here in Florida.

Keeping your lawn healthy and looking good is what we do best. We offer Professional Lawn Care Services. Don't have the time to keep your lawn green and free of weeds, insect and disease? GreenEdge Pest Control and Lawn Care Services provide a wide range of lawn care services to prevent and eliminate harmful insect, disease and invasive weed species from calling your yard home.

The following are some helpful tips homeowners can follow to keep their lawns and shrubs in top shape:

Mow your lawn at least 2 to 2 1/2 inches above the ground and increase the height during the heat of summer. Cutting the lawn too short stresses the grass, makes it more susceptible to insects, disease, drought and “dead” brown spots. Do not let your mower blades get dull. A dull blade leaves a rough cut and makes turf more susceptible to disease. You should sharpen your blades three to four times a year.

Lawns need 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water each week and two deep, heavy watering sessions are better than multiple light sprinklings. The best time to water is early morning since it gives the water a chance to soak in; avoid watering during the middle of the day or at night.

Healthy lawns and shrubs also are plus to the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during hot weather and trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution.

Aerating your lawn in late summer and early fall reduces soil compaction, removes excessive thatch, and allows fertilizer nutrients, sunlight and air to reach into the soil and reach the grass roots.

The proper use of mulch in your landscape reduces water loss due to evaporation, prevents run-off and erosion, reduces weeds and moderates soil temperature.