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Our carbon based plant nutrition system works together with the latest in slow release fertilizers like POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer. By feeding the soil, we enable it to provide superior nutrition and moisture levels that can’t be matched with traditional fertilizer alone.

Plant Fertilizer That Reduces Runoff

Our program starts with Comand® Compost Top-dress. This high quality lawn and plant top-dress was developed for the golf industry and the effects on home lawns and plant material is astounding. The added Carbon in the Comand® Top Dress feeds healthy soil life and balances out PH. This results in a much more efficient use of fertilizers and less off target effects.

From there we continue to lay the foundation for proper, vigorous SOIL HEALTH. Applications of live soil organisms like Rhizobacteria and Mycorrhizae Fungi play a critical role in fertilizer retention and the ability of plants to take up nutrition. Finally we add a program to flush the soil of harmful bi-carbonites that are present in Florida well and municipal water.

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