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GreenEdge The Correct Pruning and Shaping Methods For All Kinds Of Trees and Shrubs

If you want your landscape to look beautiful you should consider having your trees trimmed and pruned by a professional landscape maintenance company. Trimming or pruning helps remove dead or broken limbs from the tree and keeps your trees healthy. Because trees and shrubs can be impacted by environmental conditions like pests, diseases, and climate changes, they often need maintenance to keep them in their healthiest condition. That is why you need to have your trees trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. Use a professional like GreenEdge to make sure you have hired the best qualified professional to do the job. GreenEdge is licensed, insured, backed by years of experience, provides detailed cost estimates and low turnaround time to complete work.


Pruning & Shaping

Pruning a tree effectively helps maintain its shape and appearance. However, you shouldn’t impose an unnatural shape or size on a tree. The amount of trimming and pruning that will be needed could seriously damage the tree or bush.


Dead or broken branches can fall off at any time, creating a serious hazard. You need a company with tools and equipment to handle large trees which could drop branches on your home, office, or on a pedestrian. Tree limbs and branches occasionally grow too close to utility lines or fencing and need to be cut professionally. With proper maintenance of trees and bushes, there should not be any safety issues or lawsuits for you to deal with.


It is sometimes possible to save an infected tree by strategically pruning away affected branches and limbs. Thinning of a tree improves airflow, which can be very beneficial. It also allows the tree to grow in an even manner thus improving the aesthetics of the tree. If branches are crossing or rubbing together, they should be trimmed, or removed so they do not fall thus injuring a person.

To ensure that you get the highest level of service possible you should stick with GreenEdge. GreenEdge is an established company with a proven track record. GreenEdge is licensed and insured as well. You want an experienced company to prune and cut your trees with the best approach possible.


We deploy many other pruning tools other than hedge shears. Make sure your pruning team comes with options for cutting to reflect the diverse plant needs on our property.

Citrus trees need specialized pruning together with highly sterile, sanitary conditions so disease is not moved from tree to tree. We specialize in Citrus care with seasonal pruning and shaping to encourage new growth and full fruit set.

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Depending on the species of tree, owners need to have maintenance performed on their trees to ensure new growth, and prevent damage to their property. While some are willing to do the job themselves it is easier and safer to hire a professional to do the job for your home, office, or communities landscaping needs.