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Even the healthiest plant can have problems from time to time. In that case we employ a wide range of effective programs that start with natural, organic pesticides from plant extracts and mined elements. Many plant extracts have antagonistic or even deadly effects of insects. Soaps and oils can cover and suffocate them. Plant extracts from the Indian Neem tree can stop feeding and even kill plant feeding insects.

When a chemical pesticide is needed we use state of the art tools to apply these products in the safest possible way for the client, the environment, and our technicians. For smaller plants we deploy a liquid soil/root drench methodology. There is no spray or aerosol with this application. The product is taken up from the roots underground.

Another application method is injecting. We use the Arbor-Jet Quick-Air system to inject pesticides and fertilizers directly into the trunks of trees and palms. For many pests like boring insects or insects that live deep in the folds of the leaves and stems, spraying is ineffective. Our technology is the safest, most reliable way to treat and protect your specimen palms.

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