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GreenEdge Nurtures All Kinds Of Shrubs & Ornamentals

GreenEdge Nurtures All Kinds Of Shrubs & Ornamentals including:
Shrubs, Flowers, Tropicals, Ornamental Grasses, Vines, Edibles & More…

GreenEdge Will Prevent & Treat Major Threats To Your
Shrubs and Ornamentals Including:

  • Lawn Care Service Sarasota FL - GreenEdge

  • Tree Care Service Sarasota FL - GreenEdge

  • Palm Care Service Sarasota FL - GreenEdge
    Cycad Scale

  • Citrus Care Service Sarasota FL - GreenEdge

  • Shrub Care Service Sarasota FL - GreenEdge
    Mealy Bugs

  • Arborjet Tree and Palm Injections Sarasota FL

And many more insects, fungus and problems

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Ornamental Shrubs and Trees Make the Perfect Addition to Any Lawn And Require A Variety Of Pest Control, Fertilizing & Nutrition to Keep Healthy

Ornamental Trees & shrubs have multiple useful functions: they block sunlight, absorb water, and prevent erosion in addition to the aforementioned Trees are excellent for long term property value. The variety and color of potential choices, oh Trees really are perfect for any lawn. But don’t get excited just yet any successful Shrub and Tree program requires the following: proper consistent irrigation, fertilization, trimming, cutting, and planting. Lots of time and effort are required to ensure that your plants grow big and strong, it's sensible to leave it up to professionals. GreenEdge provides all of these care requirements with knowledge, precision, and skill, we do everything required for beautiful trees and shrubs with no downsides.

Ornamentals and Shrubs Require Special Care

Shrubs and Ornamentals especially ones from outside of the local climate zone require special care and attention. That’s where GreenEdge comes in, with our specialized pest control system we can ensure that your hard grown plants are clean and spotless.

Landscape Pests Control Details

There are many tiny beasts that lurk beneath the leaves these insects can and will wreak havoc on your plants if not taken care of. GreenEdge prevents this from happening by planning and executing a pest control system specifically catered to your lawn. Any infestation can be prevented with minimal damage to the environment and your wallet.

The following are targeted as part of our pest control plan:

  • Aphids - Suck out plant juices and secretes a sugary substance that encourages fungal growth.
  • Weevils - Troublesome beetles which multiple and cause trouble for any lawn, take care to prevent them from multiplying.
  • Whiteflies - feed on sap and cause yellow to wilt, and leaf drop. They create a substance that leads to mold growth.
  • Mealy Bugs - consume juices of plants and subtropical trees. They secrete a substance that promotes mold growth

Our Comprehensive Pest Control Program Controls All Types Of Harmful Pests

Plants, Trees, and Shrubs cannot produce the results we desire if they are inundated with pests. Pests steal nutrients, water can cause disease, and overall present a major problem towards anyone who wants to grow more than a small garden’s worth of trees and shrubs.

Fortunately, we at GreenEdge have many years of experience eliminating pests for the sake of our customers so that they can rest easy knowing that their plants will grow up big and strong.

Plant Nutrition - Fulfilling the needs of your plants is essential for Flourishing Gardens.

On its own native soils usually lack the required nutrients needed to bring flowering plants to life. But only a select few fertilizers will actually be sufficient enough to bring out the true potential of your plants. Different plants require specialized solutions for any unique nutritional deficiencies.

It’s important for us to state that even among trees Palm trees require an even more specialized approach. Go to our page to learn about specific deficiencies and plant predators that affect Palm trees.

Shrub & Flower Bed Weed Maintenance

Weeds steal nutrients and minerals from plants. Native Planet roots get outcompeted by nasty invasive weeds. When you contact GreenEdge we control the weeds and guarantee that your garden will be weed-free. Our special policy on weeds is absolutely no weeds. Our careful application of herbicide ensures that all those horrible invaders are eliminated at a minimum cost.

Contact GreenTech [INFO FROM GREEN EDGE] on our website and use our contact forum. We’ll give you a visit and we’ll work right with you to provide only the best Tree and Shrub services.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you give our shrub and tree programs a try. If you have any questions give us a call or use our contact form and we’ll get right to you.

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