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Substitute for Compost Topdressing for Empire Zoysia & St. Augustine Turf

A blend of soil-specific, high-density fungal and bacterial microbes that enhance soil and root vigor, increase nutrient uptake, optimize plant health and reduce carbon footprint. Terradigm fresh “probiotics” are a healthier, more sustainable option for turf management. Treated areas are safe for use immediately and have proven environmental and turf quality benefits.

Diamond Grow®
Humi[K] Liquid is an organic liquid humic concentrate, derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid. This humic the acid source is a weathered type of oxidized sub-bituminous coal rich in humic substances. Our Humic source is similar to the commonly found Leonardite (lignite coal), BUT our source contains a higher concentration of Humic substances and significantly lower levels of ash and heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury.

Large molecular weight liquid carbon product, designed and proven to provide soil structure enhancing properties. The key is our proprietary process utilizing activated carbon to reclaim once fertile soil, by reversing the negative effects caused by the salting of the soil with conventional chemical fertilizers.

AlgaeGreen Cold Process Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer
This is a full organic liquid extract made from fresh Ascophyllum nodosum which is produced using a unique cold processing seaweed extraction technique. AlgaeGreen – is generally used as a starting material or surfactant with the flexibility of adding on-demand most other foliar treatments such as; oligo-elements, NPK, fungicides, and insecticides. In this way, our customers are empowered to apply AlgaeGreen in a form that best suits their individual needs and health state of the plant and grass. The pHof AlgaeGreen lies in the high 4′s which complements acidic soils nicely. In addition, its naturally high in carbohydrate content; (60% Dry Weight) which presents as a natural source of carbon for soil micro-fauna. This proves vital in maintaining the natural and most synergetic ecological conditions for the soil which manifests to a healthier plant.

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