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Sarasota Lawn & Tree Care

When your lawn, ornamental plants, and trees are unhealthy there are usually underlying contributing factors. Understanding these factors requires a high degree of expertise to identify issues, diagnose the problem, and determine the underlying cause. The Landscape Gurus at GreenEdge can diagnose any problem impacting your landscaping and come up with an effective, affordable solution to repair the issue and restore the health of your landscape.

Tree, Palm & Landscape Problem Diagnosis

A Complete Landscape Audit

We start our problem diagnosis by doing a complete landscape audit. We’ll assess your property, your vegetation, and your hardscaping. We’ll review any issues you are concerned about, as well as identify any other existing issues you may not have recognized. Then we will run a series of tests to determine the causes of the issue. These tests can range from soil tests to disease tests to water tests. Once we’ve narrowed down the issue, we will put together a comprehensive remediation strategy that will not only resolve the problem but will promote the long-term health of your lawn.

Identifying And Resolving Common Lawn Issues

There are a number of things that can impact the health of your landscaping. Identifying these issues is the first step:

● Water And Drainage Issues: Water management is a critical component of a healthy landscape. Poor drainage can lead to soil that is too dry which can cause your plants to die, as well as flooding that can rot and damage plants. Deploying a robust and functional drainage system can help remediate these issues. ● Pest And Disease Issues: Pests and plant disease can cause irreparable harm to your landscape. Oftentimes, pests and diseases are invisible to the human eye. However, our pest and disease control experts know the signs and symptoms of local pests and diseases present in Southwest Florida. We also know exactly how to manage and destroy these problems. ● Root Issues: Plant health starts at the root. There are a number of issues that can impact your root system from excess water causing rot to crowded roots to not enough nutrients in the soil. We don’t just look at what’s happening above the surface, we also look below the surface to find the issue. ● Soil Issues: Poor soil is a common issue that causes unhealthy landscaping. A lack of nutrients, moisture, and aeration, as well as pH imbalances and the presence of harmful toxins, can all contribute to unhealthy and damaged vegetation. Addressing these issues with soil amendment and remediation techniques can help support the long-term health of your landscaping.

Once we diagnose the issue, we’ll put together a comprehensive strategy to repair the damage and foster a healthy landscape. Often, there are more than one issue at play. In those cases, we use robust, comprehensive multiphase strategies.

Addressing Issues With Trees And Palms

Trees and palms also are very susceptible to problems. There are several issues that can impact trees and palms including:

● Pests: Florida has issues with several invasive pest species that damage trees and spread disease, mold, and fungus. Identifying these pests and treating them as trees is critical for reducing their damaging impact. ● Compacted Soil: Trees require a balance of air, water, and soil. Often as tree roots grow, the soil becomes compacted, reducing the flow of air. Soil can also be compacted by heavy equipment driving on a property. ● Girdling Roots: Girdling roots are the result of trees being improperly planted, mostly planted too deeply. The roots begin growing up instead of down, reducing access to nutrients and moisture. ● Weak Branch Unions: Trees need to be pruned and trimmed for their health. When this necessary maintenance is neglected the branches can crowd, causing weakness and splitting. This isn’t just bad for the health of the tree, it is dangerous because those branches can break, fall, and damage your property or hurt a visitor. ● Lack Of Nutrients: Finally, trees require a lot of nutrients to stay healthy. If the soil nutrients are depleted, it can lead to the trees being very unhealthy. Soil tests can help determine if the trees are getting the proper amount of nutrients.

Understanding the problems impacting your landscaping requires the expertise of the Landscape Gurus at GreenTech Tree & Landscape. We’ll help assess the issues affecting your vegetation. Then provide a comprehensive and affordable solution to support the long-term health of your landscape.

For help with Problem Diagnosis for your southwest Florida home or business contact GreenTech today at 941-371-1933.