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Tree Planting Myth #1: Anybody can plant a tree correctly

A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea.

Myths tend to form to fill information gaps; and over time can even develop into an idea that seems to make common sense. Urban, utility and landscape tree care, collectively known as Arboriculture has its own set of myths, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and half-truths, which is problematic for tree care practitioners, or arborists. Even when correct information is disseminated, myths can still persist. According to Dr. Alex Shigo, one of the tree planting myths that our customers may believe is that anybody can plant a tree correctly: Tree Planting Myth #1: Anybody can plant a tree correctly

Reality: Many jurisdictions, municipalities, towns, cities and organizations throughout the state of Florida are telling people to plant trees. The implication is that anybody can plant a tree correctly. Unfortunately, incorrect planting procedures, methodologies and protocols; and planting the wrong tree in the wrong place have caused a multitude of tree problems.

Yes, trees should be planted. They should be planted correctly. Or, if correct planting procedures are not known, then trees should be planted under the supervision of a tree care professional who understands how to plant correctly, and who understands the concept of the right tree in the right place…….. Or even better right place for the right tree. And, after planting, a continuing health care schedule should be maintained.
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